GEL FOAM: The solution to the heat problem during sleep, I-GEL.

Memory foam provides a cozy and comfortable sleeping experience by conforming to the curves of the body. 


Most companies that sell memory foam mattresses emphasize the unique coziness of memory foam in their marketing.

However, if the contact area between the body and the mattress becomes too large, the product may not effectively release body heat, rendering it ineffective as a memory foam product.

In other words, while comfort is maintained, the key to memory foam mattress technology is how effectively it can release body heat that is transmitted to the mattress. 



If memory foam cannot release body heat effectively, the body may feel hot during sleep. Therefore, the top layer of the mattress, which comes into contact with the body, is more important than any other layer. 


In the case of memory foam, it is composed of a closed-cell structure that traps heat inside the cell structure, making it difficult for heat to escape.

However, Oleesleep's memory foam mattress incorporates I-GEL technology to implement cooling technology that allows the mattress to continuously release heat.




One common misconception about memory foam is that it becomes hard in cold weather.

There is a perception that memory foam mattresses become hard in cold temperatures, while they become softer in hot weather. This was a limitation of the technology of memory foam made with TDI in the past.

Nowadays, with the development of additional technology and memory foam made with MDI, this problem has been overcome, and memory foam can maintain its original function without becoming hard even in cold weather.

Oleesleep has developed temperature-insensitive memory foam and completed technology development through the development of I-GEL foam to ensure that the performance of memory foam is maintained regardless of temperature changes.

Experience the best memory foam in all seasons with Oleesleep mattresses.

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