Welcome to Olee Labs

Meet Olee's efforts for a good night's sleep.

Our development and research team
spends their waking hours dreaming up ways to make you sleep better.

Develoment & Research team
Develop, research and manufacture premium quality memory foam for your perfect sleep.
Solution team
Research and propose sleep methods and products according to customer's discomfort and body type.


Based on a deep understanding of raw materials and unrivaled technology, we directly plan and carry out all processes from memory foam development to manufacturing of finished products.

Research on memory foam

OIee's labs are continuously tested to achieve optimal body pressure distribution. Oleesleep memory foam provides comfort by distributing body pressure and more comfortable sleeping environment with excellent shock absorption and dust resistance. 

Comfortable foam and
green connections

At Olee's Lab, we're dedicated to developing and improving memory foam to help you sleep better. We're also working on sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to help build a better future.

Confidence in quality,
More then 100,000 rolling tests

Memory foam rolling test help predict the average lifespan of a product and determine how a product will perform in everyday use.
Olee sleep mattress is a product that has passed over 100,000 rolling tests and maintains the best durability. We have outstanding technology and quality.

100,000 TIMES TEST

10 years sleep

Olee sleep mattress is a product that has passed over 100,000 rolling tests and maintains the best durability. 
We have outstanding technology and quality.

Flame retardant test

Oleesleep researches and develops to provide a safer sleeping environment. The flame retardant test is important to determine whether a product is safe or not. We only release products that have passed the test of the US safety regulations SGS (CFR1633,1632). 


올리의 특별한 자체 개발 메모리폼

Memory foam specialized technology

Special memory foam developed with the know-how of the foam specialized brand Oleesleep.

Temperature insensitivity technology

Unlike regular memory foam, it maintains its original properties even at low temperatures.

Comfortable sleep in all seasons

Optimized for comfortable sleep with consistently cozy warmth even during changing seasons.


Why we used I-GEL?


Olee sleep products are SAFE


Eco-certified foam is used.
Foam certified green in the USA is produced free of formaldehyde, mercury and other harmful metals.


Eco-friendly certified fabrics are used.
It is produced more safely with eco-friendly fabrics that have passed 100 test items that are more stringent than national standards and have received international certification.

SGS (CFR1633,1632)

International standard fire retardant product.
The flame retardant material wraps the internal memory foam to prevent safety fire accidents.

Olee's expert services for you

Professional solutions team
Conducting ergonomic testing and researching professional academic materials for a more complete sleep experience.

Personalized care

Tailored care for individual sleep methods to suit everyone's different body types and habits.

Foam Specialty Development Team
With a deep understanding of materials and unique technical expertise, we plan and execute all processes from memory foam development to finished product manufacturing.

Sleep method research
Sleep method research We've researched the perfect balance of refreshment and coziness, optimal comfort, and body contouring support for the perfect night's sleep.

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